Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Torah for your table- Give a profound Dvar Torah and rock the Shabbos table in one minute!

In this weeks parsha, Bo, as Moshe tells Pharaoh that all of Bnai Israel  needs to leave Egypt to serve Hashem, Pharaoh tells Moshe that his plans to take the Jews into the desert will fail. Pharaoh was able to foresee the future of the Jewish people, because he was an expert astrologer. According to the laws of astrology, which are in the accordance to the laws of nature, Pharaoh saw the star Ra’a, which spells blood, hovering above the Jewish people in the desert. He informed Moshe that according to the laws of nature, the Jews would perish miserably in the desert.
When Bnai Israel heard Pharaoh’s words they were terrified. Being an astrological expert, Pharaoh was correct in predicting that the star Ra’a symbolized blood for the Jewish people. However, Hashem, in His great might, changed that negative decree upon the Jewish people to the blood of bris mila, when He commanded the men to circumcise themselves upon entering Israel. 
In all we can see how the laws of nature do not occur as we presume. There is no natural order in the world because the world runs accord to Hashem’s order. Hashem has made the world according to His will and His law; thereby, He can change any decree, or law of nature, as He sees fit.

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