Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What to focus on in your teffilah this week

As Bnai Israel was leaving Egypt into freedom, the freedom they yearned for all their years of slavery, they were blocked by the Red Sea. However, as we can see from the parsha, after Bnai Israel reached out to Hashem in prayer, He removed the blockade and split open the sea for them, and freedom was theirs. They were now on their way to receive the beautiful Torah, which would give them access to reaching their highest potential.  Similarly, we all have many blockades in our own lives that prevent us from reaching our fullest potential. The two major blockades that affect people most are financial distress and finding ones bashert- soul mate. Therefore, this week our teffilah regarding those issues will be heard even louder. Because of Bnai Israel’s teffilah, Hashem removed their blockade, so to, we should have additional kavona and daven for our blockades to be removed in order for Hashem to bless us all with financial stability and finding our basherets.

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