Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Torah for your table! Parshas Sh’mini

In this week’s parsha, Sh’mini, after the inauguration of the Mishkan, Moshe tells Aaron that he is going to be the kohan gadol- high priest- in the Mishkan. Moshe tells Aaron that the role of priesthood was taken away from him because initially, he refused Hashem’s request to redeem the Jewish people from Egypt. Aaron did not want to take that position from his brother, especially after Moshe put in so much work erecting the Mishkan, he felt Moshe was due the honor for the position of kohan gadol. Moreover, Moshe replies to Aaron,

“Just as you exulted when you heard that I was selected by Hashem to lead the Jewish people, so I rejoice that you will serve as the high priest!”

From this, it is clear to see how Moshe felt pure simcha-joy- for his brother’s new position in Jewish society. He did not display jealousy, or feelings of hate that Hashem picked Aaron for the role over him, rather Moshe understood that Hashem has a specific role for every single Jew. Moshe was able to feel complete happiness for his brother, because he was able to see how Hashem had given Aaron the tools to actualize his potential in this world, while Hashem gave Moshe different tools to actualize a different potential. In all, we should recognize that in life, sometimes others get the things we think we need or want; however, we must come to terms with and realize that Hashem has given us all unique tools to reach our personal potentials.

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