Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TORAH FOR YOUR TABLE- Love for your fellow sheep

One prohibition in this week’s parsha, Emor, discusses that the Jews are prohibited against slaughtering a mother and her animal on the same day (the prohibition is regarding domesticated animals).

 “A mother animal, such as a cow or sheep, you may not slaughter both it and its young on one day” (Vayikra 22:28).

From this, Hashem wants us to instill the same compassion, to even an animal that He instills onto us. Although we can only understand this verse with limited comprehension, seeing that Hashem’s mitzvot are beyond our logical finite understanding, we must look at this mitzvah as a reminder that although we believe we are above the animal kingdom, due to our obvious superiorities, we must uphold compassion to Hashem’s creatures, just as He, in His greatness, upholds compassion onto us, despite His obvious superiorities.

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