Thursday, June 21, 2012

Torah for your table! Become more educated!

From rebelling against Hashem’s Torah, Korach and his followers were severely punished with pershing in Gehinnom (Jewish understanding of ‘hell’ --place of making teshuva- repenting). Because Korach claimed that it was Moshe who made up all the commandments, Moshe had pleaded with Hashem that He publically punish Korach and his followers in order to reveal to the entire nation that Korach was in fact a liar. Moshe never wishes for his people to be punished; however, he needed the entire nation to recognize that their claims against the Torah were in fact false.

From this we can see how important it is to stay committed to Judaism and accepting the Divinity of the Torah. The Divinity of the Torah is based on the fact that the entire nation of Israel was present at Mount Sinai and heard the revelation from Hashem, and Moshe was appointed as His leader. When Korach and his followers rebelled against Moshe, they were denying the Divinity of the Torah. Additionally, had Korah not been publically killed, others may have later challenged other parts of the Torah, and eventually later generations would have questioned the Torah altogether. Moshe wanted to avoid this at all costs and asked that Hashem punish these men uniquely so that the entire nation could see that in fact, Hashem is the Master of the Universe who created the Torah, not Moshe. So to, Hashem performed a miracle and had the Earth split open and Korach, Aviram, Dasan, and their entire families were suctioned into the ground below, into Gehonnim.

Moreover, rather than making outlandish assumptions that ‘Rabbi’s created this religion for the sake of controlling people’ we must recognize the Divinity of the Torah has been revealed to our ancestors many times over (in Jewish historical facts: mass revelation, Hashem’s open miracles to Bnai Israel, Korach’s open miraculous death, etc.). It is just up to us to become educated enough and see Hashem’s Divine hand in all that occurs.

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