Friday, June 1, 2012

TORAH FOR YOUR TABLE- The gift that keeps on giving-

The parsha extends its discussion with admonishing those who withhold any ma’aser, a tenth of his earning, from the Kohanim and Levim. Hashem promises us that when we separate a tenth of our earnings for the Kohanim and Levim, we will be rewarded and showered with blessings. By withholding that amount, (tenth of one’s earnings), thinking that he will endure a financial loss for giving, he is showing distrust in Hashem. By giving a tenth of one’s earnings every year, despite shifts in financial stability, we are instilling utter faith that Hashem will continue to provide for us regardless of this perceived ‘loss’ in income.

Moreover, the fact that we can give ma’aser should remind us that Hashem is the One who provides us with our livelihoods. Furthermore, we should recognize that giving a tenth of what was given to us so graciously by Hashem should not be a burden to us, but rather should symbolize Hashem’s compassion on us. The fact that we have a tenth to give away signifies Hashem’s kindness on us, thereby, this should evoke feelings of the utmost gratitude for Hashem.

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