Thursday, July 12, 2012

Torah for your table! dvar torah in under a minute! Committing to Hashem

The parsha continues to discuss the purpose of sacrifices. Why are these laws discussed at this point in the parsha?

Because Moshe knew that he was soon leaving this world, he asked that Hashem appoint a new leader on his behalf to pray for and defend the people if they sinned. Hashem responded and said, “Rather than worrying about who will be the nations intermediary to Me, instruct the people to serve Me well.” Hashem told Moshe to instruct the people in the laws of the tamid (daliy) sacrifices, which would unite the people and bring them closer to Hashem.

Hashem explained to Moshe that the essence of the sacrifices were not for Hashem. Hashem, being the creator of the universe, does not need any sacrifices; He created everything, and is not in need of anything. So what is the sense of giving these sacrifices? Essentially, when Hashem sees that the Jewish people are fulfilling His miztvot, He is overcome with joy.

When the Jewish people follow Hashem’s mitzvot, they are attaching themselves to Him. Each and every day, we should continuously strive to find more ways to attach ourselves to Hashem. Through observing more mitzvot, to being more G-d conscious, we are developing the senses we need to cling to our one and only Source.

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