Thursday, July 5, 2012

TORAH FOR YOUR TABLE! The Road Less Traveled...

Which path should I take?
As the parsha continues, with Bilam journeying to curse the Jews, he constantly finds himself encountering Hashem. During the night, Bilam dreamt that Hashem rebuked him for plotting against the Jews. Regardless of how many signs Hashem threw in Bilam’s way, he was determined to curse the Jews.

In our lives, we can sometimes become so insistent on a certain path that we start to believe that that is where we are meant to actualize our potential in this world. However, we should constantly be looking to Hashem for guidance about which path to follow. Rather than being persistent about taking a certain path in life, we should be persistent in requesting guidance and clarity from above. When we are sincere about our desire to find the proper path in life, which will allow us to maximize our personal potentials in this world, Hashem will give us all the tools we need to make that potential a reality.

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