Thursday, August 23, 2012


Parshat Shoftim
Passuk Kaf Bet (22) “And You shall not set up for yourself a monument, which Hashem, your G-d hates.”
Rashi comments on the words “which Hashem your G-d hates,” Hashem has commanded you to make an altar of stones and altar of Earth. This, however, He hates, because this was a religious statue of the Canaanites, and although it was dear to Hashem,  He hates it, since these people made it a statue for idolatry’’.
            Nowadays, we too take something that Hashem likes and then instead of using it for good, its use becomes a form of idolatry. Especially with technology, we are so involved in it that we don’t even hear out parents talking to us! It’s scary how we are so attached enslaved by these gadgets! Hashem does like the fact that technology provides us with efficient ways to communicate. However, we have turned what was meant to be used for goodness into a form of idolatry. For example, we let technology waste our precious time! We watch phony movies and waste precious tears over them, we stalk people on facebook, which may lead us to speak loshan hara and/or writing rude comments about one another, etc. Therefore, now, Hashem, your G-d, hates it because technology is holding you captive, the Yetzer Hara- Evil Inclination trapped you. It made you into a person who acts like a Rasha- and evil person. We have completely hypnotized by the ipad, ipod, computer, and television screen world-- the fourth dimension,  the fake world.  Scary isn’t it!  There must be a battle plan that we can use to overcome our challenges we have nowadays; which is Technology!
Battle Plan:
Step one: talk to Hashem, your G-d and ask Him to help you overcome this Yetzer Hara- Evil Inclination.
Step two: The Ramchal writes in Messilat Yesharim that the way to overcome the Evil Inclination is to keep yourself busy with Torah, Mitzvot and Chessed, that way the Evil Inclination has no time to trap you.
Step three: if you have nothing to do, immediately find something to do!
Here are some options:
  1. Call a friend and learn something with him/her.
  2. Go online to, and listen to any lecture you would like to hear about.
  3. Give a helping hand.
Shabbat Shalom,
Esther Shamayev

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