Friday, October 5, 2012

Questions to ponder?

After blessing Bnai Israel, Moshe ascends up the mountain…the last eight verses in the Torah conclude with, “ And Moshe, the servant of Hashem, died there in the land of Moav…” Wait! Who exactly wrote these verses if Moshe was the one who ascended up the mountain (back to the spiritual world). Who completed the Torah?! 

Rabbi Hirsch offers the following commentary:
As Hashem dictated the Torah, Moshe repeated it and then wrote it down; however, since the last eight verses were so painful, Moshe wrote them down in his tears and later, Yehoshua filled in the ink.  Additionally, another commentary states that Hashem dictated the letters of last eight verses in mixed combinations to hide their secret meaning, and later Yehoshua was given the proper order.

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