Thursday, October 18, 2012

Torah for your table! MIKVAH YOURSELF!

            As we have seen from this week’s parsha that G-d commanded Noach to build an ark because the generation of Noach angered Hashem and broke all commandments given to Adam. They lived a life full of immorality and a life full of emptiness. This caused Hashem to bring a flood upon the world and to destroy them from earth. (6:13). Hashem needed the world to be purified from all the sins that the generation of Noach committed, just like a Mikvah. The water filled the earth with the same measurement of a kosher mikvah, 40 se’ah. Hashem gave the generation of Noach 120 years to do Teshuva- repent. 120 years passed. Nobody repented. The only people spared were Noach and his family.  The clean animals were also spared (the animals that didn't commit bestiality).
         This parsha comes to teach us many things. The first thing is that we can see is how our society breaks all of Hashem's Commandments, all day, every day. We live in a world full of tumah- impurity. Our job is to find the holiness and avoid the things that are against Torah and Hashem. This is very serious; we must do teshuva before we are redeemed from our current exile. We have to be strong and overcome the battles that society brings forth to us.  The world we live in today is very similar to the time of Noach. To help purify the world again we need to mikvah ourselves (mikva-ritual purifying bath). We need to look within ourselves and find ways to create meaningful change, only then can we purify ourselves from all the sins that we do. In the merit that Mashiach should come speedily, take upon yourselves one thing that you want to fix about yourself.
Examples: Try to speak positively. Try to smile to others.  Try not to raise your voice. Try not to get angry. Try to keep Shabbat.  Try to keep Shomer Negiah. Etc.
If you really want to be saved from the potential flood on your neshama that society brings, then act now and start to change!
Shabbat Shalom
By: Esther Shamayev

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