Friday, November 23, 2012

ISRAELI DILEMMA-- or our personal dilemma?

Could it be that the pain and suffering that the Jews in Israel are facing are because of our sins?
Could it be that each time we curse, fight, speak negatively about one another give Hamas the power to launch another rocket? Each curse adds on another rocket.
 Can we stop this catastrophe?
Yes we can! 
By changing ourselves!
 How can I change myself? I feel perfectly fine!
Take a mitzvah upon yourselves and be obsessed with and do not let anything stand in your way to do this special mitzvah.
Please take a moment to realize where our brothers and sisters are heading into.
We as the Jewish nation have the capability to change a decree! We have the power to create positive change! Tweeking ourselves even moderately are the first steps to create lasting change!
As Chanukah approaches, we need to ask ourselves, are we going to stand for our nation, or are we going to stand for laziness and just live our lives like we don’t care? 
Like Mattiyahu said, “Mi LaHashem Elay,” “Whoever is for Hashem come join me!”
If we are for Hashem we need to do whatever it takes to save the Jewish nation!

Shabbot Shalom--Esther Shameyev

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