Friday, November 16, 2012


 In this weeks parsha it speaks about how Rivka was pregnant with twins; when she passed the yeshiva of Shem ve’ever one child would kick, desiring to come out. When she would pass a place of idol worshipping her other child would kick so hard to come out. She then went to a prophet and he said that she will have two nations. They both will go in their own separate ways. 
            Rivka gave birth first to Eisav and then Yaakov. Eisav was into physicality, hunting, killing, and acting immorally; while Yaakov was full of spirituality and learning Torah. We learn that Yitzchak favored Eisav more when Rivka favored Yaakov more. How can it be that Yitzchak would love a Rasha like Eisav? Yitzchak knew he wasn’t a Tzaddik but he knew that Eisav had the potential to be great through by channeling his physicality.
            We learn a very important lesson from this parsha. Hashem put us in a world of physicality, which He wants us to enjoy. However, we have to find a compromise between these two worlds-- the physical and spiritual worlds. We don’t want to over indulge in the physical like Eisav and not end up reaching our spiritual potential. We need to incorporate the spirituality Yaakov had. 
We need to have that right balance, especially in the world today.  Ways to integrate our physical world to a spiritual plain-- balancing the physicality with spirituality:
1.     If you have an iPod, iPhone or iPad download an app that can bring you closer to Hashem and Judaism. Search for Torah and look what will come up.
2.     If you are addicted in watching television, minimize your time you spend watching it. If you watch television for 5 hours a day (I really hope you don't!) cut it down to 2 ½ hours.
3.     If you are afraid to tap into your spiritual side. Don’t be. All you need to do is talk to your Creator, your G-d, your King and most of all, your Father.
*There are many other ways to balance but these are the few I hope can help you become more in tuned to Spirituality.
Esther Shamayev

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