Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spiritual Blockage In Your Own Homes- All For The Best


In parshat ve'etchan it says" וראה בעיניך"
"And see with your eyes "

It would have been enough to write and see. Why was it necessary to write with your eyes?

This is a hint that Moses received רוח הקודש (Divine Spirit) or Prophecy that allowed him to see the entire history and future of the land of Israel. Another explanation is that it comes to teach us that while we cannot always change the reality of a situation, we can change our perception and reaction to it.
In life, when something happens to us our Rabbis teach us that whatever happens is for our best. How can it be for our best that the Beit Hamikdash was destroyed? 
We don't necessarily see the good in what Hashem does for us. For us it seems bad because we don't see the full picture. However, Hashem had mercy on us, instead of destroying the entire Jewish nation He destroyed His home. So how is this good? During the times of the Beit Hamikdash only the Cohanim were allowed to enter now we can allow Hashem in our mini-beit hamikdash, our homes. Every Jewish family has the ability to allow Hashem's presnece rest in their homes or not.
Kedusha can't tolerate tumah (impurity) that's why there is a spiritual  blockage, the light of the שכינה (Hashems presence) isn't there to shine on us therefore Hashems שכינה (presence) doesn't rest there. 
The way to apply this concept in our homes today is by understanding that your home is a mini בית המקדש (beit hamikdash) and the wife/mother is a כהן (cohen) her table is the שולחן (shulchan) her שבת (shabbat) candles are the מנורה (candelabra). Since A wife/mother is a כהן (cohen) in her home she has to make sure that there is no spiritual blockage in the home. That Hashem can rest his שכינה (presence) there without having to leave. Some of these blockages are:
Television, video games, non Jewish music, magazines etc..
Every challenge and situation that Hashem gives us is an opportunity for us to see our growth and strength towards the challenge. There are many challenges brought to our homes. A wife-mother needs to protect her Beit Hamikdash from all the garbage the yetzer hara has to offer. This world is known as "olam deshikra" a world of lies. Meaning, that thru our eyes it seems terrible but when we go to shamayim after 120 years we will understand why everything happened to us and it will all be 100% clear. The wife/mother is the foundation of the home. If she has the right perspective on how to accept the challenges that Hashem gives her and she accepts it with love she is raising a family with the correct attitude towards Hashem.

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