Thursday, December 19, 2013

Parshat Shemot

                          "Thank You Hashem- Appreciation"

Shabbat Starts: 4:13
Shabbat Ends:  5:16
       In this weeks parsha, Shemot, we learn how Batya, Pharaohs daughter stretches out her hand to save Moshe from the water. Batya went to bathe in the Nile River because she had Tzarat- skin disease. Batya saw a baby in the basket on the water and she stretched out her arm to save him however; she couldn't reach him so Hashem saw her trying and He sent an angel to help her reach the basket. Batya was the Mateh- the "stick" of G-d. What does that mean? We know Hashem runs the world! He can do anything in His power. However, Hashem put us in this world to emulate Him and perfect our ways. If we just sit and wait for Hashem to do a miracle for us without us putting any effort then we are not showing Hashem that we care enough. Instead of talking about doing a Mitzvah, get up and get into action. Talk is cheap. We learn that its best to believe in a person who talks less and does more because those are the type of people who are ready to change the world. We are all Hashems extension, we need to share our gift that Hashem gave us to Klal Yisrael. We need to try and try until we can't physically do it anymore than you say Hashem I did as much as a human being can now its up to You. Put up a sail and let Hashem do the rest. Show Hashem you are putting effort and He will help you with the rest.
Another lesson we learn from this Parsha, is Hakarat Hatov- Appreciation. Moshe Rabenu couldn't hit the water because the water didn't harm him when he was in the basket. Even to something that doesn't have feeling we need to appreciate how much more so do we need to appreciate someone who has feelings.

WORKSHOP: This Shabbat stop and think... and ask yourself:
1.  How can I help myself, my family, my community with the talents that Hashem has given me to use as an extension of Himself?
2. Who did I not show my appreciation to that deserves a big THANK YOU!?

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