Thursday, January 30, 2014

Parshat Terums- Hashem Is With Us

As our Parsha opens, Hashem tells Moshe, "If you think I was close to Bnei Yisroel at Matan (the giving of the) Torah, pitch me a tent, 'cause I'm dwelling among Bnei Yisroel from now on." Here's what Hashem has in mind: While the Jews travel through the desert, living in temporary dwellings, Hashem, too, will travel the same way, dwelling in a temporary, travelling Mishkan, which will be packed up every time the Jews move on to a different camping ground. When the Jews are settled in Eretz Yisroel and build permanent homes, they will build a permanent dwelling for Hashem's Shechina (divine presence), the Bait Hamikdosh.
Moshe is up at the summit of Har (Mt.) Sinai. He doesn't know it, but all heck is about to break loose down below. There's major sinning sneaking up on the desert Sinai. Sinning that could destroy the bond between Hashem and Bnei Yisroel. Hashem knows He has to strengthen the bond now, before it is too late! The Mishkan is the solution. Hashem tells Moshe all about this travelling Holy Temple that keeps Hashem's Shechina right smack in the middle of the Bnei Yisroel. With the Shechina resting among the people, no nation will be able to say that Hashem abandoned Bnei Yisroel after their terrible sin. In this weeks parsha it also describes how each item apart of the Mishkan was made.    Nowadays, we don't have a Mishkan orBeit Hamikdash however, we have our homes our Beit Hamikdash Me'at. A woman is the Cohen Gadol and needs to make sure nothing impure enters the home so Hashems presence can dwell amongst us. Anything that is holy belongs in our homes. May each and everyone of us take out the garbage from within our homes and within ourselves so Hashems shchina may dwell amongst us.Amen!
By: Esther Shamayev
Shabbat shalom! :)

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