Thursday, February 20, 2014

Look Within Yourself..Is Gd Within Me?


This is the only time that the phrase ויקהל משה, Moses assembles, appears in the entire Torah. Why is this?

The sin of the Golden Calf divided the Children of Israel, blaming one another and blaming Aaron but never blaming themselves. Moses therefore sought to unite the Children of Israel here by assembling and connecting them with each other thorough G-ds commands. He again asks the children of Israel to bring an offering to G-d. Among the offerings are: gold, silver, copper, blue, purple and dark red wool, fine twined linen, goats hair, seal-skins, acacia wood, oil for the light, spices for the anointing oils and onyx stones for the ephod or breastplate. Every man and woman of the Children of Israel whose heart stirred them to give, dedicated their offering to G-d and the construction of the Tabernacle.

It's very easy to blame others for our actions instead of taking responsibility for our actions. In life we don't realize how we put the fault on the other person because it just comes out naturally. We need to fix that instead of blaming others do the opposite and thank them even if it may be the smallest thing they did show your appreciation. This month is Adar Alef we have an extra month to be in happiness. This month is also a time where we flip our negative traits and become better people. We work on ourselves to become stronger and positive people who serve Hashem with their heart and body. May this Shabbat be uplifting and turn your frown upside down.
Shabbat shalom :)
Let's try to bring Hashems shchina into our life and flip something bad to the good!

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