Friday, March 21, 2014

Kosher Soul

Parshat Shemini

In this weeks parsha we receive the mitzvah of kosher. Why would G-d care about what we eat? He cares because our food is our fuel/energy which sustains us energy to continue to do mitzvot. Just like when you own a car you will make sure to maintain the car with what ever it needs in order to be able to drive it safely. Just like it matters what one puts in his car so too, how much more so it should matter to what enters our bodies which have an extreme effect on our souls. Whether it's what we hear, say, eat and see. Kosher is a term which is Allowed for a Jewish soul. Not necessarily is kosher only regarding food it can refer to the music one chooses to listen to and the movies one watches. Everything we do is a reflection to who we are as an individual. We might not see it however, everything we do has an effect on other souls including our very own soul. It is very important to make sure that everything we choose to do is appropriate for a Jewish soul including what we eat, listen to and watch. In the world we are living now we all want to 'fit in' into society. However,  no one wants to fit into their heritage and belief system. Just because everyone is going left doesn't mean it is the correct way to go for your spiritual soul. Many people are so addicted to their phones that they forget that they can make a free call to Gd the busiest creator in the world. In life we need to have a balance of both physical and spiritual. Let's try to balance both the physicality and spirituality this Shabbat.

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