Thursday, April 3, 2014

Parshat Merzora- Spiritual Disease

In this weeks parsha it speaks about tzara'at. A person receives tzara'at from speaking loshan Hara- slander against another Jew. In order for a person to remove this disease  he must go to the Cohen to get "judged" if he is pure or not. Every thing a person does has a chain reaction to the other person. There is an effect to even the slightest things that a person does wrong. It is very important to make sure that we are building the Chain and not damaging it with our words, thoughts and actions. We should be like the Cohen who decides if the person is pure or not so too, we should be careful as to what we do and with whom we associate ourselves with. Let's try this Shabbat to be positive and somehow make a positive chain reaction through our kind words, actions and even thoughts. Before pesach, we do a search for chametz and the following morning we burn the chametz. Not only do we physically remove the chametz within our homes and our possessions but so too, should we remove the chametz within ourselves spiritually. Any bad character trait one possesses look within yourself and see how you can burn it completely before pesach. Remove the tzara'at, the disease from your neshama and become pure. You can start by passing down a smile and you have started the most powerful chain reaction from something small. Pesach is the time where we get rid of our bad deeds and start coming closer to Hashem. Remember that every negative effect has a tremendous effect to another Jew so how much more soo when you do a mitzvah how much power and strength you give to Klal Yisrael.
Shabbat shalom umevorach!
Besrat Hashem through our good deeds we shall be zochet to merit the coming of mashiach amen! 

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