Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Parshat Naso"

Know Yourself

"And they shall confess their sin that they committed." (Numbers 5:7)
The Torah teaches us here that the mistakes we make in life, the sins that we commit, are normal as long as we are aware of the poison within our souls. Many people sin but justify their actions and say that they are right. There are also many individuals who know that they are wrong when they sin and are striving to reach perfection however; it is very difficult because the evil inclination doesn't allow ourselves to do a soul search because the evil inclination keeps us busy with the physicality around us and we don't have time to change. Since we don't have time to search our soul and change we therefore unfortunately fail the test again. The Parsha teaches us that if we really want to elevate ourselves, if we really want to be transformed and become better, more spiritual individuals, we have to go through the process of change honestly without justifying ones actions. As embarrassing as it may be, we must focus not only the sin we committed but ask ourselves, what led me to fall this low? Who caused me to react this way? How can I prevent this from happening? Once we answer these questions we become aware of the evil inclination and are ready for battle. Know yourself...get to know both the positive and negative character traits about yourself and start the process to get closer to Hashem.
Teshuva Process:
Admit the sin
Regret the sin
Try not to do it again

Shabbat Shalom '')

'Torah for Your Table", By Rebetzin Esther Jungreis

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