Friday, August 1, 2014

17th of Tammuz

Today the 17th of Tammuz sitting and learning Torah for the Beit hamikdash to be rebuilt all I hear in the media is tragedy after tragedy while on my end I hear the beautiful birds chirping singing to Hashem to put an end to this. It all started on June 12, 2014 it was the beginning of our unity when three precious boys were abducted and killed right away by HAMAS. Every single Jew in the world whether or not he was frum, Ashkenazi or Sephardi we all united in prayer to bring back our boys... 18 days later we find their bodies under rocks dead... Gilad ShaR, Eyal YifraH and Yaakov Naftali FrenkeL. The boys last letter of there last names spell RACHEL. Rachel our mother has the power to ask for Hashem to save her children because she kept quiet when her father gave her sister Leah to marry yaakov. She sacrificed her happiness for someone else to be happy and not to look like a fool. Do any of us have an ounce of that sensitivity in us? Every sin that each of us does without knowing or with full intention we are giving energy to our enemies to harm us every bad word ..wrong doing we create a bad angel who has the ability to harm any Jew in the world it's scary how we are the cause of such tragedies without intending to harm anyone. Hashem sacrificed His home for us to still exist. What will you sacrifice in order to bring the redemption closer?

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