Monday, February 6, 2012

Power to the Women!

This week’s parsha discusses the giving of the Torah. When Hashem summoned Moshe to receive the Torah, Hashem tells Moshe:
“Speak to the women even before the men; address them gently and give
them the general outlines. The men, on the other hand, must be taught in a stern manner and must be well-versed in all the intricate details of halachos.”

Here we can see that Hashem gives instructions for the women first, why?

Several reasons:
1.     Just as women have their bat mitvahs (the beginning of observing mitzvot) a year older than men, so to, they were also given the obligation to observe the Torah first.
2.     By distinguishing the women from the men, they would feel a sense of empowerment, which would push them to provide their children with a Torah education.
3.     When Hashem gave the first mitzvah to Adam, but not to Chava, she subsequently sinned.  Therefore, Hashem addressed the women first so that they would acknowledge that their transgressions are just as serious as that of men.
4.     Because Bnai Israel was redeemed from Egypt by righteous women, ie. Yocheved and Miriam, Hashem addressed them first to give women a special honor.
Ladies! The power of the Torah is in your hands! Even Hashem recognizes that the women are the foundation of the home, by implementing a Torah foundation into your home, the magic of Torah will prevail!

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