Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quotes that matter

King Shlomo taught “There is gold and a multitude of pearls, but lips of knowledge are a precious vessel” (Mishlei 20:15)
With the completed Mishkan, Moshe was saddened by the fact that Hashem excluded him from contributing any donations to the Mishkan. However, Hashem did not allow him to contribute anything because all of Bnai Israel contributed donations to the Mishkan in order to atone for some aspect of the sin of the golden calf. Moreover, had Moshe donated anything to the Mishkan, it would have removed the need from Bnai Israel to provide it, thereby lowering their ability to repent. Hashem told Moshe,
‘I know that you were disturbed at being unable to contribute to the Mishkan like the rest of the Jews. However, know that your task is a different one, greater than theirs. Their work has ended- yours now begins. I am calling you to the Mishkan to give you instructions concerning the korbanot-sacrificial offerings- which you will then teach to the people. Your teaching Torah is dearer to Me than their donations of gold and silver and the jewels donated by the princes!”
From this we can see how much value Hashem places on educating the Jewish nation. Rather than spending one’s life on accumulating ‘gold and a multitude of pearls’ (a.k.a. materialism) one’s life should be aimed at increasing his knowledge of Torah and of Hashem.  In the World of Truth, real value lies in the acquisition of knowledge in Torah and Hashem. When Hashem calls only Moshe up to the Mishkan, it is clear that He values Torah teaching over all the gold and silver offered to Him by Bnai Israel; therefore, Moshe was the only one He called to the Mishkan. In all, this should give us the incentive to reassess what our true motives in life are, attaining continuous Knowledge of Hashem, which will provide us with infinite rewards, versus attaining fleeting riches. The chose is yours, what will it be?

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