Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We no longer make sacrifices, NOW WHAT? How do we get close to Hashem?!

 All the sacrifices rooted in the same purpose, to get closer to Hashem. However, today we no longer have a temple, so what are our new means of creating a relationship with Hashem?
1.     Prayer- Through tefillot- prayer- we can replace the daily sacrifices that were done previously in the temple. Each prayer service- total of 3 daily- replace the 3 daily sacrifices that were made during temple times.
2.     Studying the laws of sacrifices- By studying the sacrificial laws, Hashem grants that person with the same merit as He does the person who actually makes the sacrifices (we see the power of in-depth Torah study).
3.     Repentance- By doing sincerely heartfelt teshuva- repentance- the same degree of atonement is made as from the sacrifices that were once given.
4.     Torah study- By devoting yourself to intense Torah study, the spiritual impact of Torah studying is so vast, it is considered as greater than any the sacrifices.

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