Thursday, May 17, 2012

7 steps down hill- Bechukosai

The parsha continues discussing how a Jew pitfalls and turns away from Hashem. There are seven steps involved, which may occur over generations and from external influences:
1.    From neglecting Torah study, he no longer has the information to apply the Jewish ideology to his life; hence he begins his journey straying from the path.
2.    Without diligently studying the Torah, he does not have the proper information to observe the mitzvot- commandments- properly, hence, he no longer observes Hashem’s beautiful commandments.
3.    Over time, without the proper academic background, he will come to despise other observant Jews. By observing their commitment to the Torah, feelings of unrest overwhelm him and in order to appease his psychological unrest, he tells himself, “they are old school, where I am freeing myself from a life of restrictions, because I don’t need them.”
4.    Over time, he begins to despise Torah scholars and leaders, saying, “they are brainwashing everyone into believing this nonsense.”
5.    Now that he has completely disillusioned himself about the what the religion stands for (with his lack of knowledge of the laws, leaders, etc.) he starts to preach to others about how ignorant they are for upholding the Torah way of life.
6.    After alienating Judaism, he starts to deny the idea that G-d gave over the mitzvot to the Jewish people.
7.    Lastly, he completely comes to deny G-d’s existence, which causes him to sever his ties with Judaism completely.
More than anything, the Jewish people are enduring a spiritual genocide. Throughout the generations, people no longer devote time to studying Torah, and then they make many accusations against the divinity of the Torah. The madness must stop. Those of us who are committed to living a Jewish life must adhere to our observance and commitment, to prove to the rest of the Jewish nation that we are in fact  proud educated observers, who don’t believe blindly. If we can confidently practice and have faith, we can spur the generations after us to fight for the truth of the Torah with the same conviction we hold onto every so strongly.

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