Thursday, May 17, 2012

Torah for your Table!Obey MY COMMAND or exile waits!

The parsha continues to discuss what will happen if the Jewish people do not follow the Sh’mitta laws. Hashem says,

“I commanded you to work six years and allow the Land to rest in the seventh, but you deprived it of its due rest. You will therefore be exiled, and it will be compensated for all the years of rest which you deprived it” (Vayikra 26:43).

When the Jewish people violate the Sh’mitta, Hashem subjects them to exile. Why does Hashem punish the Jews with such an extreme measure? By exiling the Jewish people, Hashem subjects the Jews to a foreign land where they are strangers. The hardships of being a foreigner will then instigate emotions in the Jews to feel utmost dependency and helplessness upon Hashem, where they can thereby rekindle their relationship with Hashem.

All that Hashem wants is a constant relationship with His Jewish people, when we abandon Hashem, He unfortunately has to punish us so that we wake up and recognize that we need to straighten ourselves up and get back onto the path of following Hashem’s Torah.

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