Thursday, June 14, 2012


This week’s parsha continues with the commandment for men to wear tzitzis, or fringes, attached to four corners of his garment, in order for men to constantly be aware of all Hashem’s other mitzvot.

As Hashem’s servants, we are bound to follow His commandments. The tzitzis, attached to each corner of the garment, serve to remind us of Hashem at every corner we turn and remind us to refrain from sinning. Additionally the tzitzis symbolize the two witnesses that are in front and behind a person in order to warn him from sinning.

Moreover, the halachot- laws- for the tzitzis are as follows: of the eight threads, with five knots in each corner, one of the eight threads must be of wool and dyed blue (techilas- bluish/purple- made from the blood of the sea creature -chilazon –snail type creature, which has been concealed from us.) Currently, tzitzis are deemed kosher with only white thread, symbolizing forgiveness of sin.

Furthermore, the pasok tells us, “And you shall look at it and remember all the mitzvot of Hashem and do them”  (15:39). In other words, wearing the tzitzis alone will we not magically prevent a person from sinning; the tzitzis are meant to be a reminder for a person to consciously choose to follow in the ways of Hashem.

Women are not obligated to wear tzitzis, because it is a time bound commandment. So to, my fellow ladies, we should find something that constantly reminds us of Hashem and motivates us to continue following Hashem’s mitzvot and help us refrain from sinning…perhaps eating chocolate or ice cream…as long as you say a bracha to remember Hashem’s kindness and greatness (especially for making such tasty treats!)

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