Thursday, June 7, 2012

“Quotes that matter”

The prophets tell us,

“Although it (the Final Redemption) tarries, wait for it, it will surely come (Chavakuk).”

This week’s parsha, Beha’aloscha, discusses the greatness of the generation in the wilderness.  The generation of people who were traveling in the desert for forty years displayed such immense emunah- faith/commitment- in Hashem. The Jewish people did not ask where they wanted to travel; rather, they followed the Cloud of Glory, which dictated Hashem’s command. Wherever the Cloud rested, Bnai Israel rested. Whenever the Cloud camped or departed, so did Bnai Israel. Even when Hashem chose an unpleasant location to camp, (i.e. When the Cloud camped in Mara, where there was bitter and undrinkable water, Bnai Israel faithfully camped there. Also, when the Cloud arrived in a place with clean sources of water, as in Aliam, the Cloud departed immediately after, but Bnai Israel still followed the Cloud, reassuring their faithfulness in Hashem). Although Bnai Israel never knew where they would camp, or for how long, they nevertheless had absolute trust in Hashem leading the way. There were millions of people who were following the Cloud, babies, children, the young, and the old, yet Bnai Israel had such faith in Hashem’s directing their path, that they followed the Cloud regardless of their situation.

From the experience in the wilderness, the trust Bnai Israel had in Hashem was instilled in them for generations thereafter. Although we have been in exile for thousands of years, we nevertheless maintain our trust in Hashem and know that despite all the traveling, and the numerous exiles we have endured, the redemption will come and will be lead by the Source of all.

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