Thursday, June 7, 2012


Sacrifice Yourself For Your Fellow Jew!
After the members of the Sanhedrin were killed, because of their complaints for meat, Moshe requested new Elders. Hashem told Moshe to elect seventy elders, who were overseers in Egypt- meaning they preferred to be beaten by the Egyptians than to be driving on top of other Jews, which would make their labor more strenuous. Because they displayed such love for their fellow Jews, Hashem rewarded them with these high-ranking roles in Bnai Israel. Because they suffered for the sake of their community, they were rewarded with honor, greatness, and ruach hakodesh-Divine inspiration.

Moreover, we can see that those who extend themselves for the sake of other Jews will be rewarded by Hashem. We should all find opportunities to consistently help our fellow Jews, because their strife is our strife. Those of us who do will be rewarded immensely in proportions unknown to man.

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