Thursday, July 26, 2012

Torah for your table!

The fifth book of the Torah, Devarim, starts its discussion with Moshe telling the Jewish people, “Today Hashem, your G-d, commands that you do these laws” (16:26). Wait a minute, wasn’t the Torah given to the Jewish people forty years earlier, and didn’t Hashem command the people to follow the laws then? What is the sense of the repetition?  In other words, Hashem wants Bnai Israel to follow the Torah each and every day as it if was just given to them. He wants the Jewish people to feel as connected to following the commandments as they were on the day they received the Torah.

Throughout our lives, we have our inspiring moments that drive our souls to places we never knew existed, and we have moments where we feel as though we are holding onto our faith by a shredding thread. Despite the volatility of our inspiration, we have to keep the Torah near and dear to us, just as if we had just received in on Mount Sinai. By developing this sense of awareness, our inspiration and connection to the mitzvot will heighten without question, and a part of our neshama- soul- will feel as though it is constantly receiving the wisdom of the Torah at every moment.

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