Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This week’s parsha, continues with Hashem telling the Jews not to test Him or a true prophet. Moshe warned the Jews, “Do not keep the mitzvot on the condition that you will prosper.”  There will be times in our lives, where despite the fact that we follow Hashem’s commandments, we still endure misfortune or suffering. We cannot ask for Hashem to prove Himself to us during these times of distress. Hashem publicized Himself at yetzias Mitzrayim- the exodus from Egypt- for all future generations to know that Hashem exists. Furthermore, with G-d making Himself known to all Jews, we must follow His laws, even if we cannot fathom why. His commandments are what sustain us in this world, and in the world to come.

Although we may suffer misfortune, and question the point of serving Hashem in our times of distress, we must continuously remind ourselves that although we do not comprehend the entirety of our observance, there are many spiritual benefits to our mitzvot that will be rewarded completely in the next world. (Moreover, any suffering we may endure does not happen in vain. Our suffering is meant to teach us that something is wrong and we need to reevaluate things in our lives, and build ourselves into stronger people). We can never assume to understand Hashem’s Providence over our lives. What we can do however, is focus on the future gratification we will one day achieve from all the mitzvot we have observed, despite the current suffering and misfortune.

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