Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Parsha Vaeschanan -- Pray your little heart out!

This week’s parsha, Vaeschanan, commences with Moshe pleading to Hashem endlessly to be granted access into the Land of Israel. However, despite all his prayers, Hashem denied him access. Of course we can’t ever come to understand how God thinks and why He thought, in His infinite wisdom, that this was necessary for Moshe to be denied access into Israel; however we must accept Hashem’s course of action and take away any practical lessons we can.

We can conclude that despite the fact that Moshe devoted his life to the service of Hashem, he did not expect anything in return. His service to Hashem was completely out of his love and fear for Him.  Additionally, when we serve Hashem, we too should not do it with thoughts of repayment for our mitzvot. We too, should strive to observe Hashem’s commandments for the utter joy in fulfilling God will.

Furthermore, we see how despite the fact that Hashem continuously denied Moshe’s request to enter the land, nonetheless, Moshe kept praying his heart out. Moshe knew that none of his prayers were said in vain. Even though his tefillot were not answered with tangible results in this world, he was surely rewarded in shemayim.

Similarly, in our own lives, we are too quick to say Hashem is not listening to our prayers, and we give it up. We must remember that patience is the key to prayer. In order to see dire tangible results, we must consistently pray our little hearts out, just like Moshe did, and show Hashem how badly we need something. Regardless if our efforts are rewarded in this world, if the tefillot are genuine, we will experience an internal change, and the reward awaiting in Shemyim will be incomparable.

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