Thursday, September 20, 2012

Parshas Vayelech

This week’s parsha begins with Hashem revealing to Moshe that his last day on earth had arrived. Although Hashem had Heavenly decreed that Moshe’s death was imminent, Moshe nonetheless pleaded to Hashem to prolong his life.

Although Moshe’s pleads were heard, Hashem told him that there was nothing more He could do, nonetheless he kept praying to Hashem. Although his prayers were not answered according to his wishes, Moshe did not lose hope that Hashem would change the Heavenly decree and he persisted in prayer. Hashem comforted Moshe and let him know that he would be taken care of by Hashem, as He cares for us all, as a father cares endlessly for his children.

This should shed some light to us as we approach Yom Kippur. Although we may beg and plead with Hashem to grant us with what we think is good for us, ultimately, Hashem, our Father, knows what’s best. This should not push us from praying with all our hearts, but rather this should get us to contemplate what in fact we are praying for. With a heightened awareness in our teffilah, we can focus on what our neshamah truly wants from this New Year, a year filled with spiritual development and success! May we all be blessed with the discipline and commitment to achieve such great heights!

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