Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quotes that matter

“In all matters, save this one, there is hope. A person can hope to become rich, or strong, wise, or powerful, but no man can hope to be saved from death and live forever” (Yeshayahu 22:13).

This Midrash is teaching us that rather than having the non-Jewish perspective about life, to “eat, drink, for tomorrow we will die,” our sages caution to tell us that because our time on earth is so limited, we should spend that limited time chasing worthy pursuits. By recognizing how precious our lives are, we can look to make the most of every minute.

Another year has flown by; Yom Kippur is on the rise, time is ticking away. Have you spend it wisely or foolishly? We should be inspired to take these next few days and contemplate how we can spend our time more wisely this year.

Some things to ponder: How can I make more time for learning and fulfilling the Divine Will?
How can I spend more quality time with family and friends/make more time for chesed?
What steps can I take to develop my middot more?
How can I intensify my meditation on Hashem’s infinite Oneness?

By focusing our energies on these worthy pursuits, we are without question becoming better people. Developing these areas of the self will prepare us for the world to come, where we will enjoy all the mitzvot and all the learning we accomplished.

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