Thursday, November 21, 2013

Parshat Vayeshev- Fight That Challenge


          This weeks parsha discusses the hard life that Yosef had. His brothers were jealous of him and through him into an empty pit filled with snakes and scorprions. The brothers ended selling Yosef to a caravan of Ishmaelites. Yosef had been brought down to Egypt. Potiphar, bought Yosef to work for him and saw that G-d was with Yosef so Potiphar found favor in Yosefs eyes and appointed him master over his household. Yosef was a very handsome man. Potiphars wife saw Yosef and wanted to lay with him. She saw through astrology that Yosef would have offspring from her however, it wasn't from her but from her daughter Osnat. Since Yosef didn't want to lay with her she got upset and told Potiphar that the hebrew slave you brought to us wanted to lie with me. Potiphar put Yosef in jail, he was imprisoned for thirteen years. Yosef had the desire to be with Potiphars wife, he too saw through the holy spirits -Ruach Hakodesh that he will have children from her. However, he wasn't sure if it was the proper act to do. Then his father, Yaakov appeared to him and Yaakov was all about Emet so once he saw his father face he knew that this act would not be the proper thing to do so he ran. We learn a very important lesson in this weeks parsha, sometimes in life we don't know what the right thing for us to do is. We are confused. We live in a world filled with darkness, filled with confusion and falsehood. We might think we are doing something good but in reality we are not. So how can we know whats the truth and whats false? We need to ask ourselves and truly be honest with ourselves if our Avodat Hashem, if our Service of G-d is Emet? Are we doing a Cheshbon Hanefesh, calculating the soul- working on oneself. Are we making sure that every step we take, every action that we do and every word that we say is a Kiddush Hashem. Even though, when times are tough in are life remember that it is all coming from one source, its coming from Hakadosh Baruch Hu, our Father, our King who loves us and adores us. We just need to find it in our hearts to accept the challenges that come our way and find the best way to overcome the battles in the times of darkness that we live in. Life is full of challenges we just need to be aware of its existence and be ready for battle with the yezter hara- evil inclination. The best way to overcome the challenge is to realize that you are put in a challenge and that you will find the ability to overcome the challenge just like Yosef Hatzadik did.
Shabbat Shalom,
Esther Shamayev

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