Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Laws of Chanukkah

This year Chanukah begins on Wednesday night, the 27th of November, and continues through the 5th of December.
Below are some basic laws concerning the lighting of the Menorah.
 On the first night, 3 blessings are recited before the lighting:
שהחיינו )3 and שעשה ניסים )2 להדליק נר חנוכה )1
 On all other nights, only the first two blessings are recited. If one forgot to recite the 3rd blessing on the first night, he may recite it within a half hour of lighting the candles. Otherwise, the blessing may be recited on the 2nd night or on any one of the following nights of Chanukah.
 The Sephardic custom is that only 1 person in each household lights with the blessings. Anyone else in the
family that wants to
light must do so without
reciting the blessings. HaRav Ovadia Yossef warns that the one reciting the blessings
should light before anyone over the age of “chinuch” (approximately 7 yrs. old with knowledge about Mitzvot).
 The preferred practice is to light the candles by a window facing the public domain, or by the door post opposite the Mezuzah. Nevertheless, lighting on the dining room table would also suffice.
 One must provide enough oil or use long enough candles to sustain a flame for 30 minutes and must only light the candles in a location where they will not be blown out by the wind.
When Chanukah falls out on a Friday, such as in December,
should be lit right before lighting the Shabbat candles.

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