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Segulot For Chanukka

Special Segulot for Chanukah

1. It is a Segula to buy or prepare the most beautiful Menorah you have. This shows that you are thankful to HaShem for everything you have and for all the miracles that happen to you on a daily basis.

2. It is a Segula to light the candles of Chanukah with Olive Oil. As we learn this from Shlomo HaMelech, “Ki Ner Mitzvah v’Torah Ohr -- a candle represents a Mitzvah and the Torah is the light." Through performance of Mitzvot, we bring the Light of Torah to the world and illuminate the darkness around us. Therefore, lighting the Menorah is a precious Mitzvah and using olive oil is the best way to fulfill it, this gives us a zekhut(merit) for:

• Banim Tzadikim (Righteous Kids), who will be smart and great in the Torah

• Excellent memory for you and your family

• Great eyesight, will be able to see things with a clearer perception

3. It is a big Segula to light the candles of Chanukah in your house. Rabbi Nachman mi Breslev stated that when one lights the Menorah at home, it brings more blessing and light into the house. HaShem himself comes down and visits your home and provides you with all the blessings and miracles you want.

4. After you light the candles, it is a Segula to stay seated by the candles and to pray next to them for half-an-hour. This allows your Tefilot (prayers) to be answered much faster.

5. One must avoid speaking Lashon Hara (slander) while the Chanukah lights are on, because HaShem’s Shekhina and Kedushah dwells in your home while the candles are burning.

6. The fifth night of Chanukah is a Segula for miracles and to change the order of the world in a positive manner. The fifth night of Chanukah never falls out on Shabbat kodesh.

7. Segula for Single girls on Erev Shabbat of Chanukah:

• First have the father of the house light the Chanukiyah. The shamash of the Menorah symbolizes the mother, while the candles being lit symbolizes the children.

• After the Menorah has been lit, ladies usher in the peace and sanctity of Shabbat by lighting their candles as a symbol of "Shamor veZakhor" -- represents man and wife. This is the time to ask, pray to find your Zivug (soulmate) and build a proper Jewish home.

8. The eight day of Chanukah is called "Zot HaChanuka", a Segulah for Pri Beten, to get pregnant and give birth. When all the 8 candles of the Menorah are lit, you should recite Chapter 80 in Tehillim. This chapter mentions "look and impregnate this gefen(wine/grape)". Accordingly, when you pray you should mention "just like grapes are plentiful and come in bunches, HaShem should also make me fruitful, give me children like grapes." In addition, it is customary to add "just like my family and I had the zekhut to light all 8 candles of Chanukah, so too, I should be zoche (merit) to do the Brit Mila for my son on his eighth day." Ahhmen!

9. If you know of someone that needs to become more religious, on Erev Rosh Chodesh Tevet, December 2nd pray by the Chanukah candles that they should become more observant, find more meaning in life by growing on the path of Torah v'Mitzvot. Why specifically Rosh Chodesh Tevet? Because Avraham Avinu passed away on this day. Before he passed away, he saw that his son Yishmael was starting to become more religious. If Yishmael was able to become religious, then anyone can study Torah, observe Mitzvot  and live a beautiful, meaningful, sustainable Jewish life...  Rosh Chodesh Tevet is an auspicious time for Teshuva.

10. Giving Tzedaka before lighting the Menorah is a big Segula for getting your Tefillot (prayers) answered and having good parnassa (livelihood) . 

11. It is a Segula to read the following Chapters in Tehillim after lighting the candles on all 8 days of Chanukah in the following order:

• Chapter 90: Read the last Pasuk from this chapter. "Vayehi Noam HaShem …" Then go straight into reading Chapter 91

• Chapter 91: Segula for protection and salvation from any sicknesses or anything bad. Before the Jews went to fight the yevanim, they said this Perek and they were able to win.

How to say this Perek: 7 times out loud, 1 time quietly to yourself.

• Chapter 30: Segula to get rid of fears and anxiety

• Chapter 33

• Chapter 67: This Perek is in the shape of the Menora. Segulah for protection. Make sure you read it in the form and shape of the Menora

• Chapter 19

• Chapter 100

• Chapter 133

• Chapter 144

After you have recited all the above Perakim, its times to ask/pray for anything you want while the gates are wide open. It is important for each of us to ask for Mashiakh all throughout Chanukah.  משיח is hinted in the words: מדליקים שמונה ימי חנוכה 

Last but definitely not least; ask for a Miracle, a BiG miracle in the merit of Chanukah.  Ask for something that you think is impossible and that will be considered a miracle if it happens b'Ezrat HaShem! 


May we merit to see wondrous miracles this Chag and ultimately witness the most precious miracle of all: the arrival of Mashiakh Tzidkeinu and the rebuilding of the Beit HaMikdash  Bimhera Biyamenu, Amen.

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