Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Parshat Beshalach- "Where's Your Faith"

        In this weeks parsha, we are redeemed from Egypt and we come to a dead end! There's no where to go! A body of water stops us from continuing to our journey out of Egypt. Should we turn back? Or should we build in our faith stronger to Hashem? I like the second answer better, Nachson Ben Aminadav had Faith in Hashem and he kept walking, he even continued walking in the water until it reached his head then Hashem made a huge worldwide miracle the Yam Suf split into twelve rows for each tribe to pass with his family. Not only did the waters split in the ocean but all the waters throughout the world split and it was a huge miracle that the entire world saw. Pharoh realized that he did a huge mistake by sending Bnei Yisrael out of Egypt so he sent his Egyptian armies to stop them and bring them back to slavery however, what happened? The Egyptians drowned in the ocean. Pharoh was left alive to see the open miracle of Hashem and for him to realize that there is someone above him which is G-d. We are now in the desert and many times, we see Bnei Yisrael complaining that they are hungry, thirsty and that they want meat. Hashem blessed us with three gifts, Clouds of Glory, Mann, and Slav (the meat that fell from the sky). We also received the Mitzvah of Shabbat in this weeks parsha. In the desert, we come across with the nation of Amalek who started up with Bnei Yisrael. Amalek was the only nation who denied G-ds' existence even after the miracles He preformed in Egypt with the ten plagues and the splitting of the sea.
       This parsha teaches us a major factor of Faith in Hashem. We must never lose hope in G-d. We must try our best to work on our Emunah and build it up to the point where we don't have one ounce of doubt in our heart and mind. Hashem took such good care of us in the desert, He gave us Mann which fell from the sky and it tasted like anything we wanted it to. He gave us the Cloud of Glory which protected us from snakes and scorpions in the desert and protected us from arrows from enemies (Egyptians, Amalek) it was also a dry cleaner kept us clean. Hashem also gave us the Be'er Miriam the well of Miriam with us in the desert for 40 years. Nowadays, we have everything as well and we still don't have the faith in Hashem. We somehow still doubt the existence of G-d? WHY? Think deeply and ask yourself if you do doubt Hashem...Why is it that I doubt the creator of the world who created me because the world could not exist another second without me? Hashem performs so many outstanding miracles that no human understands but yet somehow we doubt his existence. Let us try to get rid of the Amalek inside of us and reconnect to Our Father, Our King.
May this Shabbat be an uplifiting and spiritual time where you reconnect yourself with Hashem and that you hold on to the rope and not let go of your relationship with Hashem.
Shabbat Shalom
By: Esther Shamayev

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