Thursday, January 2, 2014

Parshat Bo- Are We Ready?

       In this weeks parsha, it speaks about the last three plagues that Moshe did to the Egyptians. There was one plague that affected the Jews who didn't believe in the words of Moshe and Aahron that Hashem is taking us out of Egypt. These people were called the "Erev Ra"- they died in the ninth plague which was, darkness. The died in this plague so the Egyptians wouldn't say that our G-d is killing His own people. However; these people were discouraging the other Jews and they themselves didn't trust the word of Hashem. They said that they rather die as slaves in Egypt knowing they have food and shelter being provided for them because for them not knowing if they will survive in the desert shows that they don't believe that Hashem is capable of anything and everything! Nowadays, we have the same problem. We have those Jews who are so comfortable with what they have that they don't want Mashiach to come and redeem us from the exile we are in. They don't even think we are in exile because of all the wealth, success and "happiness" that they have achieved. Yes, even though we have everything on the tip of our fingers especially, with the help of the government we feel that we are not living a life of exile. However, we are wrong! The yezter hara- the evil inclination is blocking our knowledge of understanding that we are in exile and the evil inclination is making us think and know that we are living comfortable lives. We should always remember that if my father up above is homeless how can I be happy...? We need to be ready to drop everything and be redeemed and know in our hearts that the world we are living in is a world of illusion. My money can disappear in a second however, my Mitzvoth- good deeds are everlasting. In order to really anticipate in the coming of the Mashiach we need to have Emunah in Hashem- Faith in G-d that He is and will be taking care of His children. Right now times might seem tough and we have expensive things to cheer us up for a split second however, our ultimate happiness where the light will continue to shine with Hashems presence is when Mashiach will come to take us out of this generation Mitzrayim! Amen.
Shabbat Shalom
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