Monday, March 3, 2014

Laws of Purim

There are 4 Mitzvot done on Purim:
1. Hearing Megila 2X (once at night and once during the day)
   - one must make sure to hear every word otherwise it is not valid.

2. Mishteh (MEAL)
  -It is a Mitzvah to have a meal on Purim day to dine with meat and wine. 

3.Matanot Laevyonim (Gifts to the poor)
- one is required to give at least one gift to two poor people on Purim. The gift should be enough to buy bread. The gifts to the poor are done during Purim day.

4. Mishloach Manot (Gifts to one another)
- one must send two items of food to at least one person on Purim day.
It is best to send it to someone who you are not in good terms with in order to make peace between one another.

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