Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hidden Hand of Hashem

         The Purim story is one of the most hidden miracles in Jewish history. In the entire Megila of Esther there is no name of G-d written there. However, there is a hint when it says "Melech" "King" twice the sentence is referring to Hashem and when it says King once it is referring to King Achashverosh. The story of Purim teaches us many lessons that we can apply to our life. In the beginning of the story, king Achashverosh makes a party for everyone in Shushan and the Jews were invited as well. The Jews felt it would be disrespectful if they wouldn't go to his party and told Mordechai that if we don't go there will be anti semitsm between the people and us so we must go in order to keep peace. However, it only made things worse.
         * First lesson we learn in the Megila is that we should  not care what other people will think of us. Our job is to serve Hashem with a full heart and do as He wishes. No ones opinion should matter to us but Hashems. During the party, Achashverosh was very drunk and calls his first wife, Vashti to come to his party wearing only the royal crown. Just as Vashti was about to come out she got blemishes all over her body and refused to come. Haman instigated to Achashverosh that he should kill Vashti so that they show the woman of Shushan that if you don't respect your husband then off with your head like the queen. Achashverosh wakes up the next morning realizing that he doesn't have a wife so decides to make a beauty contest and he takes Esther has his wife. Esther didn't reveal who she was and where she was from. Queen Esther was put in the Palace of King Achashverosh in order to save the Jewish nation. Queen Esther did not want to approach Achashverosh to tell him that Haman wants to annihilate the Jewish nation which she belongs to because she was not called by the king and whoever isn't called by the king and enters his room is put to death. The only way that she agreed to go to the king was she told Mordechai (her uncle) to fast and do teshuva for three days with the Jewish nation and in their merit she will be saved when entering Achashveroshs' room without permission. After three days of praying to Hashem and doing Teshuva,  Queen Esther went to Achashverosh and low and behold he listened to her...she invited Haman and him to her feast then Mordechai is rewarded by saving the king from Bigtan and Tereshs plan by being dressed in royal clothing and being ridden on the royal horse and one of the kings adviser i.e Haman will carry him through town and proclaim "this is what shall be done to the man who the king wishes to honor". Right after this Haman attended the second feast that Queen Esther made for him and the king and the Queen revealed to the King that Haman wants to kill her and her people. The king ordered that Haman should be hung. Queen Esther adds a decree that the Jews can protect themselves on the 13th of Adar.

         *Second lesson we can learn from the purim story is that we should be real with ourselves. Tap into your soul. Don't be afraid to show your true colors. We should be able to express our self with no shame. We need to take our mask off and show Hashem that we want to be a true eved Hashem- servant of G-d.

       *Third lesson that we learn from the Purim story is that when we do bad we give power to the goyim however, once we do teshuva and continue to get closer to Hashem and strengthen our relationship with Him the decree flips just like in the Purim story. When the Jews were sinning we gave power to Haman once we did Teshuva it flipped to Mordechai the Jew.

     One must remember that this month is a very powerful month where we can flip decrees from bad to good and share good news with one another. Besrat Hashem we should all see the redemption soon.
Chag Sameach =)

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