Friday, March 14, 2014

"Hashems Will is Equal to My Will"

This weeks parasha as well as Sefer vayikra is mostly about korbanot. The problem is that we don't have any kohanim, no bet hamikdash, no korbanot, no mizbeyach,no prophets. So how do we get attained for our sins(kappara)? Karbanot were the offerings we gave when a person sinned and when a person wanted to give thanks to Hashem. The Gemara on daf :כו says 

Tefila is ke'neged tamidin(daily offerings/korbanot as it says a few lines later) on daf טו says

Says Rav Yohanan One who woke up, washed his hands,put on tefillin, said shema and prayed, the pasuk says about him "it's as if he built a mizbeyach (an alter) and brought a sacrifice on it.' But tefila (prayer) isn't enough.. One must learn torah! As it says in the gmara Says Rav Yitzchak all who learn torah of hatat(type of korbanot) torah of olah(type of korban) etc, it's like he brought a korban hatat or olah or etc. meaning if you learn about it, it's as if you brought it. Although a lot of shas is about korbanot and temple service, it serves us as a conduit through which we can fulfill our kappara (attonment). There are 2 conditions for korbanot. 1st condition is one must bring a korban with his own ratzon(will). (Side point)-Rambam actually says if one doesn't want to bring a korban, bet din- the Jewish court can force him. But how can bet din force me if I have to do it with my will? Rambam explains that really deep down every Jew is good and has the will to serve HaShem.. Sometimes the yetsar hara gets the best of us or external goyish ways permeate themselves into our lives and after being initially 'forced' after beating the evil out of us , the good shines and one brings it with his will. This shows us that no matter how low a Jew falls or how far he is, our spiritual DNA is good! Back to the point. Because of this requirement of ratzon we are supposed to learn and pray with a burning desire! Which explains why the pasuk in tzav says 

 The korban stays on fire. Lashon of fire implies not from cold or lazy which is the type of torah and tefillah which goes on the mizbeyach? Torah which is learned with fire! Prayer that is prayed with a flaming desire to connect to our creator blessed be He. 2nd condition is kavana (concentration). If we pray and learn with no kavana, although we may be yotse- we still aren't doing it as HaShem willed it. If you have a wrong kavana when bringing the korban is can be pasul- bad. Last but not least rashi comments 

 When the pasuk says  צו את אהרן he says it's lashon zrizut. Meaning when the opportunity for a mitzvah comes or we have a chance to learn it should be done with zrizut(an urging, zealousness, quickly.)


Have an amazing and uplifting Shabbat! 

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