Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Parshat Eikev- "Medicine for Your Soul"

       The Hebrew word "Eikev" means the heel of ones foot. Why does the first sentence in this weeks parsha start off with the word "Eikev" (which means the heel of ones foot)? In order to teach us that the mizvoth  Hashem commanded us to do are all equally the same. Not one mitzvah has a lower importance than the other. So, this comes to teach us that we cannot pick and choose which Mitzvah we want to keep because every mitzvah is important and we should strive to work on each mitzvah slowly but gradually to  reach the level that each of our precious souls need to reach in this world. The Torah is our prescription to our problems. The word Eikev is heel, to teach us that life is made up of steps, and if we realize that every little step leads to a bigger one that can define our lives, we will automatically be more careful with the steps we choose to take. Every step we take in our life leads us to a destination. Depending on your choice that will lead you to either a good or bad destination. The only way we will bring the redemption closer is if we serve Hashem with happiness. Otherwise, the depression will overcome us and we will not have faith in the coming of Mashiach and we won't care to do mitzvoth so let us all try to find one mitzvah that we will always do with ultimate happiness. Some examples, welcoming guests, kiruv, respecting parents, preparing for shabbat etc.
Make one mitzvah yours. Have a wonderful Shabbat =)

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