Wednesday, March 14, 2012

39 melachot

This week’s parsha begins with Hashem warning Bnai Israel to observe Shabbot and to refrain from the 39 melachot- creative activities- that were used to create the Mishkan. Generally speaking, we tend to think that ‘work’ is forbidden on Shabbot. However, we see the verse doesn’t state work- avoda- but rather it states melacha- creative activity. So what is a creative act you ask? Any type of activity that creates a change that is effective for the purpose of improvement. Even more so, a melacha is an activity that improves the world Hashem created.                       
Essentially, Shabbot is a day where we cease to create. Rather, we should spend the day taking pleasure in the spiritual and physical accomplishments we created during the week. Shabbot is a day of deep contemplation that allows us to deepen our belief in Hashem. Moreover, this Shabbot we should all recap on the many accomplishments we have made throughout the week and take pleasure in them all. Shabbot Shalom!

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