Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Parshas Vayakhel- Torah for your Table! DVAR TORAH IN UNDER A MINUTE

The Torah gives numerous accounts of discussing the details of building the Mishkan- a.k.a the temple in the desert. In parshas Teruma, Hashem gave Moshe detailed commandments to build the Mishkan. In parshas Kitasa, Hashem explained the commandments more generally.  Moreover, in this week’s parsha, Vayakhel, Moshe transmitted the specific instructions of building the Mishkan to Bnai Israel. Moshe continued instructing the people and told them that every wise man should participate in the construction.
            From the continuous repetition of discussing the details of the Mishkan, we can see how important and precious the building of the Mishkan is to Hashem. Unfortunately, we currently do not have a Mishkan or holy temple; however, Hashem tells the Jewish people that they will receive large rewards for learning all the parshot in detail that deal with the Mishkan. The sages tell us, by studying the details and symbolism behind the Mishkan intensely, it is as if he assisted in the actual construction. Moreover, we can deduce that if every wise man studys the Torah in depth, we will eventually be rewarded with bringing forth the Messiach and the rebuilding of our new Mishkan, the temple.

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