Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The parsha continues with Moshe calling together Bnai Israel to give them the instructions to build the Mishkan. Moshe told them that Hashem’s shechina- G-d’s presence- would rest in the Mishkan, showing that Hashem had forgiven them for the sin of the golden calf. When Bnai Israel had heard they had been forgiven, they were elated! They immediately donated as much silver, gold, and their personal jewelry as possible. Because of those donations, they had made amends of the guilt they felt for contributing their jewelry for the golden calf. Moreover, the women who refused to hand over their jewelry to create the golden calf donated all the jewelry they possessed to the Mishkan. The Jews had continued their donations to the Mishkan to a point that Moshe had to tell people to stop giving! From this, the Midrash tells us that the Jews acquired the character trait of generosity.
            Even today, we can see how this trait has become internalized in the Jewish nation. The Midrash characterizes the Jewish people as being compassionate, bashful, and a nation that performs chesed- performing good deeds and assisting others. From this, we should all continuously strive to live up to this midda- character trait- and make sure we channel our generosity according to the will of the Torah and Hashem.

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