Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Parshas Tzav

In this week’s parsha, Tzav, Hashem gives Aaron and his sons the commandments that are required by the kohanim- high priests.  In last week’s parsha, Vayikra, Hashem omitted Aaron’s name from the entire parsha because He was still angry over Aaron’s participation in the sin of the golden calf. Moshe was extremely upset that Hashem was still angry with Aaron, so he pleaded to Hashem on Aaron’s behalf regarding preparing fire wood for the alter. Moshe interceded and said to Hashem, “What type of wood is suitable for kindling a fire on the alter?” Hashem said,
“All kinds, except for branches from grape vines and olives, because those two are accorded for honorary status because of the fruits they yield. Branches of the grape vine may not be used as fire wood on the alter since they supply wine for ‘kiddish’ and the olive wood yields oil for the menorah and mincha offerings.”

Immediately, Moshe interceded and said,

“Master of the Universe, it seems from your words that a person deserves regard merely for producing worthy offspring. You honored the grape vine and olive tree because of their produce. Should You not treat Aaron in an honorable way in spite of Your anger at him only for the sake of his worthy sons?”

Therefore, Hashem agreed with Moshe’s argument and He starts this week’s parsha with the words, “Command Aaron and his sons…”
From this, we can see how from the merit of Aaron’s children, he was forgiven by Hashem. In life, our transgressions against Hashem may be so horrific that we are shunned in Hashem’s eyes; however, through the merit of our ancestors or even our children, as we see from this week’s parsha, forgiveness may be granted to us. This should be a lesson for us all on how we raise our children, we must instill Torah values within our children continuously, giving them more opportunities to learn Torah and develop their middot- character traits, so that one day they may become even greater people than we are. With that in mind, maybe one day we will be blessed to merit from their deeds.

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