Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This week’s parsha continues with Hashem commanding that every morning, a communal lamb offering must be sacrificed to Hashem, and then a second communal lamb offering must be offered every afternoon. In the text, when Hashem introduces this mitzvah, He uses the Hebrew word- Tzav- meaning, to command, emphasizing swiftness and zeal when executing this specific command. When Hashem commanded the kohanim to give these specific sacrifices, He wanted them to offer the sacrifices swiftly and enthusiastically.  Moreover, because this sacrifice was completely burnt, meaning that the kohanim received no material benefit from it (they usually eat a certain amount), Hashem commanded that the kohanim make these sacrifices in a swift and enthusiastic manner to give them extra encouragement in serving Hashem.
             Furthermore, in our personal relationship with Hashem, even though we don’t always see immediate results, we should continue to believe, to pray, to observe mitzvot, and to learn Torah. Hashem wants us all to serve Him with continuous enthusiasm and zeal. Additionally, next time you want to connect with Hashem, in any way, you should run to do it and have utter fervor in doing so.

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