Wednesday, August 15, 2012

IDOL worship has many forms- Dvar Torah in under a minute!

  the worshiping materialism story
The parsha continues with Moshe teaching and reviewing the commandments related to idol worship. Because Eretz Canaan – Israel- was full of objects people used for idolatry, Moshe commanded that any object pertaining to idolatry be destroyed. Jews are obligated to destroy all idols. The Torah views idolatry as the severest sin. The sages say, “If a person serves idols, it is as though he denied the entire Torah.” The parsha continues with Moshe telling the people they are forbidden to erase even one letter of Hashem’s name, but rather His name must be buried.

Unfortunately, many of us commit the greatest transgression of all, we too worship idols. Whether we idolize celebrities, materialism, status, etc., we believe that obtaining these worldly pursuits is what will bring us happiness. Rather, we must entirely destroy these idol-worshipping tendencies within our higher-consciousness in order to serve Hashem with complete love and awe.

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