Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Parshas Re’ay- enjoying the smooth ride...

Sukkot by Leopold Pilichowski 1894 via Wikimedia CC
This week’s parsha begins with Moshe telling Bnai Israel that a Jew brings a blessing upon himself when he performs a mitzvah and a curse when he transgresses. 

Moshe says,

“In every aspect of daily life, you are faced with the choice whether or not to obey Hashem. Know that this actually involves the choice of whether to bring blessing or curse, life or death, upon yourself.”

Ultimately, we all have the free will to make choices in our lives, between right or wrong and following mitzvot or transgressing the Torah. We all have the choice, between observing the mitzvot; thereby, we will reap blessings, or we can transgress, and incur curses.

The right choice is challenging. Hashem even warns us that the road of Torah observance may be tough and troublesome at times; however, the destination is worthwhile. Initially, the path towards following the mitzvot may be bumpy; however, further down the road, the journey will be smooth and comfortable.  Conversely, the path of sinning may initially be smooth; however, the road will eventually become obstructed.

Similarly, in our own lives, we tend to get discouraged when we want to get closer to Hashem and observe more mitzvot, feeling that the road is simply too challenging. The beginning is the hardest part, following or adding new mitzvot sometimes seems impossible! However, we must always remember that this leap must be made in order for us to reap blessings from Hashem. Once you courageously do so, you can enjoy the rest of the smooth journey, while admiring your bravery and persistence.

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